Kokopelli Conga

Kokopelli Conga
"A work of art that did not begin in emotion is not art." --Paul Cezanne

February 23, 2013

Feb 2013 - Nibblefest - Arches - and updates

So my New Year's resolution to try to be better about posting to my blog hasn't been great so far. But, I have at least stuck to my exercise and fitness goals! :) I started a Zumba class through community education. Twice per week. Love it! Kicks my BUTT every time, but it is tons of fun.

Also, for Valentine's Day, my husband and I were able to spend a couple days in Moab, UT while the kids stayed at Grandma's house. Moab and Arches National Park is one of our favorite places in the whole world.

Then, since we were there without the kiddos, and because (with Parkinson's) we are never sure how good my hubby's mobility will be as the years continue on, I thought it might be a good idea for us to do the hike to Delicate Arch. Whose idiotic idea was it to hike to Delicate in February...oh yeah, that was me.

Delicate is beautiful, and always a worthwhile hike (3 miles round trip, 480 foot increase in elevation on the way up!), but the back side of the mountain trail is fairly narrow with a sheer drop off. And, what do we find when we get to that point? A layer of ice covered with a layer of snow!

Even so, while I thought about turning back, my hubby said we couldn't turn back when we had come so far...so we continued on. It was very beautiful! I even remembered to pack up my plein air kit and did a little painting while we were there. :)

The Trail on back of mountain just before you reach Delicate Arch.

Jenny & Steve at Delicate Arch - Feb 2013


©2013 Jennifer Love  "Delicate_Feb 2013"
It's also Nibblefest time again! This month's theme is "Domestic Animals." I decided to try another horse painting. I've been (slowly) collecting refernce photos of horses and chose a lovely Gray to paint. It's only the second horse I've done, so I certainly plan to keep working at it and improve.
Here is my Nibblefest entry "Summer Grey" (Watercolor, 8" x 10")
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