A Patchwork Fall

A Patchwork Fall
"A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art." ~Paul Cezanne~

January 27, 2015

3 Paintings a day for 5 days on FB

I was recently nominated by my friend (and fellow artist) Neena Plant-Henninger to do a challenge on Facebook: Post three paintings per day for five days - and nominate another artist to do the same each day that you post. They could be old or new paintings. The point: to fill Facebook with art images for the new year.

Sounded fun, so I did! :)

I tried to post around a bit of a theme for each day. Here are my five days' worth of paintings. 

Day 1: Ballerinas (slightly older work)

Day 2: Animals (more recent work)

Day 3: Portraits (REALLY old work...but I still like them :))

Day 4: Kokopelli (more recent work - including a woven painting)

Day 5: Butterflies (slightly older + more recent work - and, of course, I couldn't choose favorites, so three paintings turned into seven for this final day!)

This was super fun, and also a good exercise for me. It helped me to realize that, even though I am facing the challenges of balancing work, wife, mother over the past 7-10 years, I am still carving out small moments to paint. It may not be as often as I wish or for as long, but at least something has been produced. :)

So...for all you busy moms (and dads) out there with little children at home, a full-time non-artist job to pay the bills, and a spouse that demand your time. Have hope. Keep Calm and PAINT ON! 

"Creativity takes courage." ~ Henri Matisse

January 6, 2015

Happy 2015 & January Paintings 4 Parkinson's

Hello friends! It's a new year and a new commitment from me to be more consistent with my blog posts as well as my newsletter. I thank you for continuing to follow my crazy rantings, ravings, and art thoughts. I won't go into specifics, but I will say that the past few months have been filled with family business that took a lot of time and attention from us. Unfortunately, my art creating, blogging, social media, and newsletters had to take a back seat to my family priorities. But, as ever, I appreciate the support of my loving family and friends, and appreciate that my collectors and readers are still out there!

So...with the new year in mind, I thought I would start my blog out with a reminder that Paintings 4 Parkinson's starts on the 1st of each month and ends on the 8th. (If you want to know more about Paintings for Parkinson's, click here to read Our Story and also to details for artists who might want to be involved). 

We have just two more days left on this month's auctions. I am happy to say that two of my little paintings have bids on them this month, and we have some wonderful artists participating again as well! I think this might be the best month yet for raising some funds for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. Click here to go to the eBay page that shows all the Paintings 4 Parkinson's auctions, or type P4PMJFF into the eBay search.

I hope everyone has had a happy and healthy holiday season and has started this new year of 2015 by counting their blessings and looking forward to good things to come!

"Little Speckled Frog 2" ©Jennifer Love  (P4PMJFF auction - Jan 2015)