A Patchwork Fall

A Patchwork Fall
"A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art." ~Paul Cezanne~

February 25, 2009

Artist Statement

Painting fills a void in my soul that is ever-present when I am not expressing myself in some creative way. All I need to do is look at the world around me to be awed by the beauty of creation, of the human form, of nature, and of man-made structure and symbol.
Everything is an inspiration. From the fjords of Norway tot he great cathedrals of Italy; from a sunset over the Great Salt Lake to a mountain of fresh powder at the top of a Rocky Mountain ski lift. From the joy of planing myt flower garden and watching it grow to the peace I feel watching my child or my husband sleep.
I am inspired by the places I have traveled, by the uniqueness of the varied landscape in my home state, and by the people around me.
I lean towards impressionism with a strong central focus in my paintings. Ifeel that artwork, like a person, should be in a constant state of evolution...always seeking for improvement and aiming for perfection. We may fall short of the goal, but there is always much to be learned from the journey. Any subject matter that I find inspiring or interesting is fair game.
For me, creation is the search for self, and each new piece of artwork I create is a small piece of the puzzle that is me. In the end, if I am lucky, I will end up with a masterpiece.

Artist Biography

A water media artist, Jennifer generally prefers traditional watercolor on cold press paper using both wet-in-wet and dry-brush techniques. She is inspired by nature, landscape, architecture, people, and beauty in all things. She tries to translate her inspiration using bright, rich colors in her compositions.

Jennifer was born in Newport Beach, CA, but her family moved to Woods Cross, UT when she was three months old to be near her mother's family who lived in the area. She lived in this home for 23 years before moving to Salt Lake City, UT after college. Jennifer and her husband ultimately ended up back in her childhood home which they purchased from her parents in 2006. They are enjoying the slow process of updating the home and landscaping the yard as time and finances permit.

Always drawn to creative pursuits even as a child, Jennifer liked to draw, color, and express herself in whatever way was available to her, including performing arts. She studied ballet for ten years and tap dancing for eight years. After realizing that dance was not her calling, she turned her attention toward visual arts. Inspired by her Junior High art teacher who gave her just the right amount of encouragement, advice and constructive criticism, Jennifer decided she was a visual artist and never looked back. She reconnected with her former Jr. High teacher as an adult. This reconnection led to a mentoring friendship that is invaluable to Jennifer and has contributed greatly to her growth as an artist and person.

Jennifer also loves to travel. She spent a month living in Mexico to study the culture and the Spanish language while in college. She has also had the opportunity to travel to Italy, Sicily, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, and various places in the Western United States. Jennifer and her husband have a special love for Arches National Park in Moab, Utah (natural Arches, Bridges, and Kokopelli images often make their way into her paintings), and the awe-inspiring California Redwoods and Giant Sequoia trees of the Northern California coastline.

Even though much happiness in life is derived from creating her art, Jennifer's greatest joy lies with her family. Nothing brings more fulfillment to her life than family time spent with her husband and children. She contributes a percentage of her annual art sales to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research in support of her loving husband (her biggest fan), who was diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson's Disease in December 2006 at the age of 44. Each day she is inspired by his sweet spirit and unending support of her pursuits and dreams, by his patience with their two young children, and by his quiet determination to enjoy life despite the daily challenges he may encounter. Jennifer hopes her feelings of inspiration and joy translate to each new painting she creates, evoking similar reactions in her viewers and collectors.