Kokopelli Conga

Kokopelli Conga
"A work of art that did not begin in emotion is not art." --Paul Cezanne

February 20, 2012

Commission - Delicate Arch: "A Delicate Spring"

I finished my commission this weekend and my client is very happy with the final results (at least with the digital photos of the final painting that I emailed). Will be shipping the painting out later this week.  :)

"A Delicate Spring" - Watercolor -  ©2012 Jennifer Love

So...here is the rest of the process (picking up from the last post):

First of all, I decided to go ahead and tape around my edges like usual. It just gives a cleaner line when  you are finished with the painting.

Next, I laid down another wash on the sky because it wasn't as blue as I wanted the first time. Color always dries lighter than it appears when wet. Also started laying in some grays and more greens in the background. I have been reading this book by Jeanne Dobie called "Making Color Sing" in preparation for another watercolor workshop I am attending next weekend. It girves some great instruction on mixing your own grays (warm and cool), and on laying down "mouse" colors near your focal points to help them stand out more. Great advice. I am trying to incorporate these new things learned as I continue on.

Tape around edges and more blue for the sky

After the sky wash dried enough not to run, I laid down more washes of my lightest colors for the background and red rock.
Light wash for red rock areas

After the light washes were laid in, I started doing darker colors and details, trying to use as large a brush as possible and and few brushstrokes as possible. At this point, I didn't take many pics along the way because I was more intent on the painting.

In the end, I rubbed off the masking fluid that was splatterd for texture effect and for saving the whites of snow on mountains in the distance and the clouds. Then I laid down a little blue gray on some of the whites to tone them down a bit and creat shadow in the snow. Finally, I splattered some more paint here and there with my brush and also spray from a toothbrush to create a few more texture effects.

The final result is pictured above (the first pic in this post). But, here are some detail shots of texture and splatter.


sky and edge of arch

sky and edge of arch

foreground splatter

foreground edge of arch

foreground - other side of arch (color test strip on left)

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