Kokopelli Conga

Kokopelli Conga
"A work of art that did not begin in emotion is not art." --Paul Cezanne

October 14, 2014

Halloween 31 Color Blocks

Hi friends! 

I would say my blog posts have been sporadic this summer...but really they have been non-existent. My apologies! It has been one crazy summer. But, no time like the present to get back on track and back to writing more regularly.

I do actually have some art news to share with you, but I will save that for a later blog post. Today, I just wanted to jump in to let you know of a new little eBay contest I decided to participate in this week, called Halloween 31.

"Three Witches" - watercolor & mixed media (stamping/ink)

From time to time, I create and post little works of art for a group called ACEO Theme Week on eBay (ACEO-stands for Art Cards Editions and Originals. They are small works of art or prints that are 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches - the size of a baseball trading card). I tend to prefer to work a bit larger than ACEO size, but sometimes the contest strikes my fancy and I try to come up with something. The normal ACEO TW contest starts on the 1st of the month each month and the little works of art revolve around a monthly theme.

However, the group occasionally also puts together a mid-month challenge, as is the case this October. This week, they started the Halloween 31 challenge. ACEO works must be Halloween-themed. Auctions on ebay must start on October 13th. They must run for 7 days. And all auctions must start at $0.31. I thought it sounded like a fun little challenge, and a way for me to use up some of my "color blocks" and be a little crafty at the same time (by using stamps and embossing).

"Black Cat and Bat" - watercolor & mixed media (stamping/embossing)

What are color blocks? Well, when it comes to art supplies, I try to be frugal. I hate to see any strip of watercolor paper go unused! Typically, when I am painting, I will have a small or medium piece of  watercolor paper off to the side that I use as a test strip for my color and saturation, which I often use before laying paint down on my larger painting. These test strips often result in big sections of color and texture. But what to do with these? I hate to just throw them out. And they are frequently quite interesting combinations of color, line, movement, and textures. So, I hang on to them. 

"Beware" - watercolor & mixed media (stamping/embossing)

I will use some of them to make hand-made cards for friends and family. Sometimes I cut the color blocks into squares or rectangles and mat them into small, abstract paintings. And, that's what I decided to do for this ACEO challenge (minus the mat board - ACEOs don't usually come matted). 

In order to qualify as "Halloween-themed" I needed to add something extra to these little color blocks. Good excuse to go shopping! Ha! I found some cute Halloween stamps and black embossing powder at the local craft store. With my color blocks, embossing tools and ink in hand...my little Halloween 31 ACEOs were born.

"Boo" - watercolor & mixed media (stamping/embossing)

"Is this 'fine art'?" you might ask. Should I be spending my time creating little ACEO paintings instead of working on my larger projects? Well...I say that sometimes I need a fun little project to get my juices flowing again. Sometimes I have to break out of my regular "lane" to make my art brain think in a different way. Sometimes I need to work on something that still allows me to watch my little boys while they are playing. And, sometimes, I just have to take an hour to be "crafty." :)

"Trick or Treat" - watercolor & mixed media (stamping / embossing)

I created eight little entries for this ACEO challenge. All the auctions start at just $0.31 and will end on October 20th. 

"Wicked" - watercolor & mixed media (stamping/embossing/brad)

You can search Halloween31 ACEO on eBay to see all the auctions that are listed from all artists. Or, you can click here to see all of mine.