A Patchwork Fall

A Patchwork Fall
"A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art." ~Paul Cezanne~

May 21, 2016


Spring in Utah brings a rainbow of beautiful blooms. I love walking through my yard daily to see what new flowers and colors have popped out! We've had an especially rainy May this year and my yard is loving it!

Some of my roses, iris, peonies, and weigela bush

I draw a lot of inspiration from the spring and summer seasons and am always thinking about new bushes or bulbs I might want to plant in my yard next to keep the array of colors going through the summer. Roses are one of my favorites. They give and give all season long...and they remind me of my grandmother, who always had stunning rose patches and won several city beautification awards for her yard.

Some of my roses, weigela bush, and peonies

The beautiful fuschia pink roses in my front yard are from a bush that I started from a small cutting off one of my grandmother's bushes. Incidentally, fuschia happens to be my favorite color - ever since I was a teen. I thought it was especially fitting that, of all the cuttings I took from her rose bushes, the one that survived and thrived was the fuschia pink. While I love all the roses in my yard (the rest of which were gifts from my aunt and uncle for my birthday one year), this bush has extra special meaning to me both for its origins as well as the time it took for me to nurture the cutting into a full rose bush. I love the giant roses it produces year after year, and I think of my grandmother every time I see them. 

Fuschia pink rose from my grandmother's cutting
bush, iris, weigela

As I looked at the color palette of the irises, roses, and weigela shown in this picture, I realized that it is the same color palette I use in my paintings time and time again. Funny how you know your inspiration comes from the beauty and life around you, and yet something so obvious doesn't always register in your brain until you examine the flowers your Instagram photo layout! 

What are your favorite flowers of the season? Do your favorites remind you of loved ones or other special memories?

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