A Patchwork Fall

A Patchwork Fall
"A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art." ~Paul Cezanne~

November 20, 2016

Exhibitions, Workshops, Paint Outs and Nibbles

Where has 2016 gone? Only a few more weeks until the new year. The holidays are upon us! The first few months of this year, I busied myself preparing for an exhibition at the Utah Arts Festival Gallery and finishing up my two years as the Newsletter Editor for the Utah Watercolor Society (UWS). I had been asked to take on the UWS Vice President role for the coming 2016-2017 year and, in June, I was voted in as Vice President. Since then, I have been super busy with all the duties that come with the role of VP!

Over the summer, I also learned that I had been selected for another exhibition at the Utah Arts Festival Gallery - but this time for their October show! So, in addition to the VP duties, I worked hard to prepare eleven new paintings for this show.

In October, I was also privileged to be the UWS liaison to Iain Stewart, the national artist that UWS hosted for our 2016 Fall Workshop. He was also the juror for our Fall Member Exhibition. What an amazing artist! What was nice, though, was that Iain was just a good guy. Funny and entertaining while he taught the workshop as well as in person. It was a very busy week - but enjoyable!

So...here we are in November already!

This weekend, I was excited to take a workshop with Sue Martin. The workshop was Friday and Saturday. Unfortunately I ended up with a work conflict on Friday, so I was only able to attend Saturday. But, what a great day! I came home exhilarated and feeling happy for the first time in 2 weeks. I have so many great ideas for patterns and textures to incorporate into my paintings. I can hardly wait to get started on some new paintings!

Meanwhile, here is a little butterfly painting that I completed in the workshop. :)

"Fancy" ©Jennifer Love

I've decided to list this Fancy lady for Nibblefest on eBay this month. The auction starts at only $0.99 and ends on the 27th. :)

Click here to see the auction.

In the meantime...on the home front...my KonMari tidy project still continues. I haven't been able to do this project "all in one shot" like the book says. I've had numerous interruptions and delays. But, I am about halfway through the process and ready to try to give a big push to get through the rest of the categories and then to get our basement rooms put together the way we want them! I feel that the finishing this project up will allow me to feel the freedom to pursue my other interests without feeling guilty about the disaster state of my house!  However, if there's anything that the past weekend has taught me, it is that I still need to make some time for art every week too. Ah...the scheduling challenges! LOL Who's with me? How do you manage to schedule your household duties, work, family, and still make time for making art as well? I'm going to try!

Anyone have a room like this? This is the "junk" room in the basement. We are not supposed to tidy by room, but by category with the KonMari method. But, because I'm not even sure all the "categories" that are in this Miscellaneous room (other than art supplies), I am treating this room somewhat like its own KonMari category, trying to weed through all the different kinds of things in here.  This is the "before" picture. Thanks to some help from my friend a few months ago (yes...months!), it has been about 1/3 sorted out. But, it needs to be finished, and this is the next project on the KonMari method project! (And...there is a BIG, scary spider web in the corner of one window. YIKES!!  I'm not sure I dare to move the shelving that is over there by the window. My rubber gloves and shop vac will be handy at that time! Wish me luck!)

Do you have a room like this?

I hope all in the United States have a great Thanksgiving and that everyone has a happy holiday season! Hopefully, I'll be blogging more regularly over the coming months.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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