A Patchwork Fall

A Patchwork Fall
"A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art." ~Paul Cezanne~

February 6, 2019

Time Flies...

I know it's cliche, but it's so true. Time just gets away from you! My kids are growing right before my eyes...time marches on! Some goals are accomplished, and some are left unfinished - to accomplish another day!

I am still in the middle of my #KonMari tidy event. Even though I haven't followed her direction to do it "all at once"...I also don't feel that I quit in the middle. I just had to take a hiatus. Two years of commitment to the Utah Watercolor Society, first as the Vice President, and then the President. My "free time" was non-existent. Now, I am Past President and Communications/Webmaster. But, the demand on my time is significantly less.

Last fall, I remodeled my master bedroom, including new paint, pulling up carpet, screwing down squeaky floor boards, and laying carpet tiles. (and yes...I did all the labor). We have an older home, rambler style, built in 1967. It needs a lot of fixing up, and we are slowly trying to work our way through that process as time and funds permit.

My goal is to finish my tidy event and be done with all my KonMari sort/tidy/discard by the end of this March. And...in that process, we will be separating our two boys from sharing a bedroom into each having their own bedroom. That process also means I will need to move my art studio...AGAIN.  This time, I'll be moving to a basement room. But, this room will not double as Office and Art Studio, it will be only Art Studio. So, my hope, is that it will actually be more functional for me when we are done. My work table won't be encroached on by filing and random things to be "dealt with" and my space will be dedicated to art. :)

Life is never dull!

Here are pics of my new, lovely, master bedroom. (Yes...that is my own butterfly painting on the chocolate brown wall. And, we have hung more art and photos on the bare walls that are in the pic below.) I love this room. It is a peaceful, calm, space. This is what I want to achieve for my entire house. Once I finish my KonMari tidy, I will be able to redo all the rooms until they are all places of peace. :)

Also, I was fortunate to be accepted to the UWS Fall 2018 exhibition. Here is a pic of the painting that was accepted ("Fallen 3"). :)

Bear with me! I'll try to be better at posting new content to the blog...and maybe some more pics of my tidying event! ;)  Happy New year!

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