A Patchwork Fall

A Patchwork Fall
"A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art." ~Paul Cezanne~

June 15, 2012

King of Yellow Heart returns home

"King of Yellow Heart" has returned home after an extensive year-long tour of Utah's schools and libraries with the Utah Arts Council traveling watercoler exhibition.

Here is an excerpt from the UAC email I received upon return of the painting:

"This show is always a popular one with our schools and libraries around the state and we are sincerely grateful that you participate in our program. This past year your piece traveled to
Weber State Library
Blue Peak High School
Canyon Rim Elementary
North Elementary in Cedar City
Fillmore Elementary
Manilla Elementary
The children especially love the pieces when they travel to their schools and are always sad when we take the exhibit down and drive the art away. They become very attached."
I am very glad that the painting returned home in good shape, undamaged, and was part of such a nice exhibition that brings art to school children in the state. Emphasis on the arts as a crucial component of education and overall development for children has fallen by the wayside in many places in America as difficult  economic times have hit. Art and Music teachers are among the first to be laid off during hard times, while parents and fundraisers will rally to raise money for sports programs, football teams, cheerleaders. But, nobody is rallying for the Arts and Music and Drama. I think all are important. If we don't teach children to appreciate art, how will we inspire them to want to create something beautiful in the world?
So, I am grateful that organizations are still out there to promote the arts, and especially to bring art into schools. :)

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